Drar mig mot varmare breddgrader.

Ändra färg.

"I'm gon' be wrong but so damn right."

Behind the scenes.

Pretty Little Liars #9 & #10.

The fishes in the sea.

17 / 3 - Reimersholme & Långholmen.


You can't stop the motion

Are you ready to go?

"Got a degree in the big P-O-P"

I can tell you a story.

Don't stop the music.

Hello Darling.


Favoriter / Style by tyra.

Just like a heartbeat.

En ros.

When it shines through.

Sail away over the ocean.

New York / Pt. 1.




Tja la na na!

Någonting som alla borde se.

Ljuset / En del av min förmiddag.


What Colour?

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